But what do they do?

You don’t look to Sustainable Communities Update for purple prose, but even so, one article in the current edition just defies comprehension. This is what the new Academy for Sustainable Communities will do (from page 12):

ASC will have a wide stakeholder map that will
include people from national, regional and local
government; educators; Sector Skills Councils; the
property and finance sector; major employers;
the community and voluntary sectors; and the
media. It will develop close relationships with
regional stakeholders to build on existing
successful programmes and networks.

Its purpose is to inspire and enable people across
different fields to work together in a coherent,
farsighted approach to creating and renewing
communities. ASC’s long-term goal is to ensure
there are enough skilled and experienced people
working together effectively towards creating
and renewing communities.

Over the coming months, ASC will develop work
programmes that contribute to:

  • setting a new agenda;
  • creating the right skill set; and
  • engaging all parties.

So there we are.