Burgess online

I see that Kemp Town Parliamentary candidate Simon Burgess has <A href="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TcR6ywvOHh0">broached the Interwebs</a> as part of his campaign.

Come to Blackpool. Please.

The BBC news is reporting a desperate publicity stunt (sorry, but it is) by the leader of Blackpool Council. According to the report, the Council, whose watch committee banned the group from the town in 1964, are going to write to Mick et al and invite them back.

The BBC’s report says that the watch committee’s decision “has effectively kept the band out of the resort ever since”. That, and the fact that it’s, you know, Blackpool.

Final result

The final ward has now been declared. The Greens took all three seats in Queen’s Park, displacing both Ken Bodfish and Simon Burgess. The Tories have just failed to get past the 27 required to control the Council, with 26 seats. The Labour party are second with 13, the Greens third with 12. The Lib Dems shed one to get to 2, and one independent is re-elected. The council remains under no overall control.


Two down, one to go. The Tories have picked up one seat in Moulsecoomb and Labour have survived in Preston Park with two seats, the third being Green as before. The last ward remaining is Queen’s Park, where the current and former leaders of the council are standing for Labour. It looks like the Conservatives will end the day on 26 seats, one short of the number required to control the Council. Results from Queen’s Park as soon as they are declared.


Two more declarations and it’s still very close. Goldsmid splits 2 Tory 1 Labour. Withdean held by three Tories.


It’s looking very close. Two Tory seats held in Wish, Brian Fitch loses his seat in Hangleton which is therefore three Tory.


Three more declarations. Labour have lost their one seat in Hanover, making that ward three green. They have held on to three seats in Hollingdean, while the one Tory and one Independent have held their seats in Stanford. Current state of the parties C15 G8 LD2 LAB8 IND1