Compensation for T5

Interesting but not surprising that the BBC Q&A on the rights of those stranded at Heathrow leaves until the third screen any mention of the fact that the rights derive from EU legislation. If it had been straight bananas, it would have been “new EU rules” in the headline.

Haven’t they suffered enough?

The BBC reports:

A man bidding to buy Mansfield Town is planning to rename the club Harchester United after the former Sky series The Dream Team

Which just goes to show that the ‘fit and proper person‘ test needs to be extended to cover coin-eyed publicity-seeking nobodies without the sense to understand the what a club’s history and reputation mean to its fans. I mean, Dream Team, for fuck’s sake. Even Fulchester United would be better.

Come to Blackpool. Please.

The BBC news is reporting a desperate publicity stunt (sorry, but it is) by the leader of Blackpool Council. According to the report, the Council, whose watch committee banned the group from the town in 1964, are going to write to Mick et al and invite them back.

The BBC’s report says that the watch committee’s decision “has effectively kept the band out of the resort ever since”. That, and the fact that it’s, you know, Blackpool.