We trust you, Gordon

The odd thing about the Conservative policy announcement today – where they pledged to match Labour’s public service spending over the next three years – is that the plans aren’t published yet and won’t be for a month or so. Talk about signing a blank cheque: if I were in the Treasury, I’d be tempted to put in a couple of joke commitments, just to annoy the Opposition. A gold statue of Kier Hardie, perhaps, or a really expensive metrication campaign. Right, Cameron, match that!

The Bell Hotel, New Alresford

A dinner stop on the way back from Basingstoke at the Bell Hotel in the pretty town of New Alresford in Hampshire. Very friendly service on a quiet Sunday evening and OK food. Steak was nicely presented with good accompaniments, but was a very English medium. Tom had kid-sized cod and chips which looked properly prepared. Desserts: a bland chocolate pudding for me but a much better apple crumble and ice cream for the little one.