Demokratische-Junge Quex

There’s an extraordinary book being advertised through a sponsored link at This Modern World just now. It’s a book called Why Mommy is a Democrat and the few sample pages available on the web site are unbearable – the sort of badly-crafted saccharine propaganda that would raise (rightly) shrieks of protest or howls of laughter if it was published by the religious right.

Do take a look at the sample pages. Apparently – and this is something of which I was previously unaware – Democrats make sure we are always safe, that children go to school, and that we all share all our toys. Unlike the nasty Republicans pictured in expensive schools, ignoring beggars, and presumably on one of the other pages eating a pauper’s child for breakfast.

It makes me both angry and sad that people want to fill their children’s minds with this dross. For God’s sake, show your kids some respect, damn it! Don’t indoctrinate your children with this ludicrous partisanship. Teach them to be kind to others and to respect democracy and fairness – then let them find their own politics.

Political correctness gone mad

Good line from a Christopher Brookmyre book Jane is reading:

“And there it was, the line he’d known would be along soon enough: ‘Political correctness gone mad.’ [He] had referred to it in a column recently as ‘ the distress cry of the thwarted bigot.’ Any time he heard it, he felt he ought to rejoice, because somewhere, something must be being done right. In that respect it was the opposite of ‘a victory for common sense’, which invariably hailed some act or decision that satisfied the base and brutal instincts human civilisation had spent the last ten thousand years evolving away from.”

Christopher Brookmyre, Be My Enemy

Jackanory returns

In a piece of excellent news, Jackanory – the children’s programme where people read stories – is returning to TV. It’s such a simple format, but so effective. Almost Reithian in theory, I remember it from my childhood as a fun, involving programme. Long may it continue!