St Ives

Via Porthcurno, which hasn’t changed a bit in the 20 years since I was there last, and Cape Cornwall, the thinking man’s Lands End, we made St Ives for dinner. Coast restaurant, on a first floor overlooking the harbour, provided very tasty, filling food for not much money, and with friendly service. Even now, at nine o’clock, St Ives is packed with visitors. Travel tip: park at St Erth and take one of the regular trains up the branch line to St Ives.

In Cornwall again

Even if the weather’s cold, it’s lovely to be in Cornwall again. We began with a good lunch at the Renaissance cafe bar. We chose it for the view over the harbour (it’s in the Wharfside shopping centre in Penzance) but the food – mussels and a lamb and mint burger – were really fresh and well prepared.

Flood Maps

A great Google Maps mashup allows you to define a sea level rise and see which bits of the world would be flooded as a result. Turns out that Brighton at least is comparatively OK, even with a rise of 14m, but some areas around Wish Road get it in the neck, even at the quite plausible 6m. Link via slacktivist.


Always next year, I suppose. Morecambe won 2-1 after some really dire play by us for most of the first half. The new Wembley is great, as is having been there so soon after it opened, but that doesn’t make it any better just now.