A good time had by all, despite the torrential rain, at Dunster Castle. Great lunch at the Stag's Head on West Street by the castle entrance. Farmhouse Pie particularly good.

Long live the dictatorship of the commentariat!

Thank GOD for the journalistic profession. I for one couldn’t have lived a moment longer without knowing that Tony Blair was once sent a reminder about anĀ unpaid bill. And as for his purchase of a dishwasher – why in heaven’s name has it taken till now for us to know the brand? Now our war dead can rest in peace.

Step aside, founding fathers! No greater contribution to democracy and the rule of law has ever been made.

Worrying echoes of America

It feels disturbingly like the abortion debate is becoming party-politicised.


There was a free vote but Labour MPs mostly backed the status quo – leaving anti-abortion campaigners pinning their hopes on a change of government.

Everyone back to the 1870s!

Another day, another set of half-baked policy prescription from one of Gordon’s imports. This time it’s Quentin Davies, former Tory MP, who has produced an idea that will get the backing of peppery ex-colonels up and down the country: a bank holiday to celebrate the Armed Forces.

Personally, I’d quite like to honour the armed forces by having a sensible foreign policy that didn’t say ‘me too’ to every American-led adventure, but I am sure that’s a hopeless dream. Adding a new bank holiday to celebrate the forces seems like the sort of thing the Government would have done after the Indian Mutiny, not in the 21st century. It seems quite American too, as we might expect from this PM.

I don’t want people to hate the military, or to beat up soldiers for wearing their uniforms (something that has a strong whiff of urban legend, to my mind). But I also don’t want a contentious bank holiday full of tabloid masturbation about our grand imperial past and how we bashed the Hun back in the jolly old days. We get that every time we play Germany at football, anyway.

Fine Burger Co.

Grabbed dinner yesterday on the way back through St Pancras at the Fine Burger Co., which is an interesting concept. It’s half way between McDonalds and somewhere like Gourmet Burger Kitchen. They sold me a fantastic fresh burger with loads of veg, great chips and a coke, but (unlike GBK) delivered to fast food timescales and in a grab and go setting rather than sit-down. It’s very nicely done indeed and will make me very likely to head home via St Pancras on a future occasion when I need a quick bite to eat on the way back from London.