Arresting stuff

I’m just listening to 5 Live’s coverage of the Horsham v. Swansea City FA Cup game, and they’ve played a clip of a very softball interview with Harry Redknapp. He could have been England manager, y’see, and this ‘disgusting’ treatment (his words) has ruined his chances. He’s a ‘fantastic manager’ (5 live’s words) and ‘you have to wonder whether there’s been a set-up’ (ditto). Apparently, people should ‘shut up and judge him on his performance’ (ditto again).

Compare this with the treatment given out in all media to the Labour party over its latest donations row. Guilty until proven innocent, the lot of them. Why do we even pay politicians? The Bloggertarians (hi, Paul) are out in force.

There is only one conclusion. Harry Redknapp must immediately be appointed Prime Minister. Only then will confidence in our nation’s institutions be restored.

Murdoch to public: Obey

According to evidence before a House of Lords committee, reported by the BBC, Rupert Murdoch has admitted telling his red-tops what to write (and making his views clear to the board of the Times, as well). So if you want distortions and half-truths designed to warp your views to fit the personal political agenda of a nationality-hopping billionaire, you should buy the Sun, the paper that sticks up for Australian American British values.

Rise above it, Nigel

Just left St James’ Park after watching Exeter get thumped 4-1 by Burton Albion. Albion looked a pretty good side, to be fair, but their manager, Nigel Clough, was on the edge of his technical area for most of the game, roaring extraordinarily complex instructions at his players like he was playing voice-activated Championship Manager.

This obviously resulted in a fair bit of cat-calling from behind the dugout, and I was amazed by how personally he seemed to take it. A couple of times he even turned around and shouted “shut up” back at the fans, at least until the fourth official told him not to.

You’d think an experienced manager would have a big more sang-froid.