What happened to Metro-Land

This blog was briefly called Metro-Land, but has now reverted to its former name, the Lewes Chronicle. (www.metro-land.org still works, as well as lewes.typepad.org)

It was renamed Metro-Land when my wife got a job in that part of the world, and we planned to move to Amersham, on the end of the Metropolitan line. However, due to a mismatch between the hours her employer needed her to work, and the hours during which reasonably-priced childcare was available, she had to withdraw from the job, and our move was cancelled (16 hours before the removal men turned up).

So, it’s been a weird couple of weeks, and our eyes are now open to the extraordinary cost of childcare. Our current plan – now our house is on the market anyway – is to move closer to the coast, probably to Lewes or Brighton, and for Jane to try and find some work in the media industry there.