Travel notes: Venice

Venice was as wonderful as it always is, with the usual hordes of tourists around the Piazza thinning out nicely as we walked round past the Goldoni theatre and la Fenice to Campo S. Stefano. The pistachio ice-cream at Paolin’s there is a good thing. Jane slipped into a reverie at the Ponte dell’Accademia, which was great (I always think I might be a bit too Venetophile).

The Doge’s Palace is beyond words, again. Tom got a cat mask from a shop called il Ballo del Doge, near la Fenice.

Missed my usual trip to see Goldoni’s statue in C. San Bartolomeo. If they ever make a statue of me, I’d like to be smiling like Goldoni is (not self-satisfiedly, whatever the article linked might say).