Percy Andreae takes on Prohibition

In this article, from a Prohibition-era history archive, Percy Andreae takes on the arguments of Prohibitionists. It was about alcohol, but its principles have wider application:

Somewhere in the Bible it is said: “If thy right hand offend
thee, cut it off.” I used to think the remedy somewhat radical.
But to-day, being imbued with the wisdom of the prohibitionist,
I have to acknowledge that, if the Bible in general, and that
passage in it in particular, has a fault, it lies in its ultra-conservativeness.
What? Merely cut off my own right hand if it offend me? What business
have my neighbors to keep their right hands if I am not able to
make mine behave itself ? Off with the lot of them! Let there
be no right hands; then I am certain that mine won’t land me in