Show some respect

Repulsive self-publicist George Galloway, the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, has shown exactly what he thinks both of his duties as a Parliamentarian and of his constituents by becoming a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother lasts for 23 days, during which time the citizens of my former constituency will be without a representative in Parliament, whose sittings resume on 9 January. It’s more important for Galloway, it seems, to hobnob with Dennis Rodman, and grub around for text message votes, than to serve either his constituents or his country. I bet they’re sorry they voted for him now. If they’re lucky, they’ll get Oona King back next time.

And Galloway grumbles that politics has a bad reputation – with oily egoists like him in it, it’s not hard to see why!