Talkin’ World War II blues, part 1

Amazing that no-one has yet noticed the crassness of David Beckham’s pre-World Cup party, where the RAF will stage a fly past of … three WWII military planes. What a way to see the team off to Germany! Remember, lads, it’s an invasion of hostile Europe. Stick one to the Hun! What in the name of God are the RAF doing pandering to the stupid jingoism and WWII fixation of the Daily Mail brigade?

I guess we can be grateful it wasn’t ten German bombers.

Update: Even non-Brits just can’t seem to get over it. Terry Wogan has just referred to a German TV presenter, as Lord Haw-Haw on a horse. Ho, ho, Terry. Very witty.

Update 2: Apparently the fly-past is now not going to happen, at the Beckhams’ request.