A convenient link

Political debate and trust has sunk to such a low level in this country that several mouth-breathing contributors on Nick Robinson’s Newslog are saying things like “isn’t it convenient that the announcement of no charges in the cash-for-honours affair came as the polls closed in the two by-elections”, or “is it just coincidence that …”.

To these people I say: yes, you stupid bloody morons, it is a coincidence. Labour WON the by-elections, remember?

I also get the strong feeling that for many contributors nothing, short of God descending from heaven and personally exonerating Tony Blair, would have convinced them of his innocence. No charges? The CPS are Labour stooges. PM not arrested – obviously he’s had a word with the police. I would say people with that level of understanding shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but since they assume that the PM has god-like omnipotence to bend the nation to his will, I’m guessing they don’t bother.