Well, you can always hope, I guess

How are the right-wing headbangers at Free Republic reacting to John McCain’s presumptive nomination as Republican candidate? Not well. Here’s a hopeful soul elsewhere on the site answering the question ‘what now?’:

For me, since I’m an Arizona resident, it’s pretty simple. I start agitating for Senator McCain to drop out and endorse a strong conservative dark horse candidate at the convention. I will continually remind him that he himself said that it is critical to the good of the country that the Dems not get in the White House and that he must ensure that by making sure a true conservative option is available to the country.
Refusing to do so is putting his own ambition above the good of the country. The country deserves his sacrifice again. I hope that his honor reminds him of this.

Also, some Freepers are still using GWOT unironically. Welcome to 2008, guys! Tired martial rhetoric goes in the corner over there.