May madness

Here’s the Guardian on Teresa May’s rumblings about renegotiating EU Freedom of Movement rules:

It had been thought there was little momentum to review the free movement of EU workers on the basis that it is such a central pillar of the EU’s founding principles. But May believes there are reforms that could be made in part to reverse previous European court of justice judgments that have in effect redefined free movement as available to citizens rather than merely workers.

(from Theresa May considers curbs on EU migration)

Sorry, what? Teresa May wants to block people who aren’t working – like Tory-voting retired inhabitants of Spanish coastal resorts – and allow people who are – like Polish plumbers?

Surely (if you believe that Britain is threatened by evil mudbloods) you want to keep the Poles out while letting the Brits go anywhere and do anything, like the rulers of Europe they rightfully are?