ITV’s finest hour

Remember Rodney Hylton-Potts, the racist nutter who won ITV’s woeful “Vote for Me” a while back? Despite the overblown PR puff that preceded the programme, it was a ghastly, ghastly failure, shoved into a graveyard slot, and ‘starring’ seven would-be politicians who made my district councillor look like Gladstone. On a tiny vote (140,000), the most extreme voice won, which gave great pleasure to the fascists.

Despite the obvious flaws in the programme, Kelvin McKenzie said that any of the candidates would make better MPs than those (at that time) in the Commons. Well, perhaps, Kelvin.

Mr Hylton-Potts is standing for Parliament in Folkestone and Hythe for a party called Get Britain Back. In a recent delighted press release, Mr Hylton-Potts announced that the BNP candidate in Folkestone was withdrawing, and that all the people who voted for him on Vote for Me should vote BNP. Another triumph for the popular will!

Somehow, I don’t see Vote for Me II being on our screens any time soon.