Beyond belief

The Bishop of Rochester, cabbie no. 1867 Dr Nazir-Ali, has caused a row by claiming that unspecified areas of Britain are no-go areas for people of different faiths.

Speaking as someone who lived in Bethnal Green for three years, in the most Muslim bit of the third most Muslim constituency in the UK, I can report that I was able to be a white Christian, and indeed get married in a Christian church, without being physically attacked or racially abused at any stage. This is not something that all Muslims can say. You were saying something about no-go areas, your Grace?

Nazir-Ali’s real complaint, as his interview in the Telegraph makes clear, is that the state is not privileging the established church enough. So, to be clear, religious extremism is wrong but imposing the beliefs of imams church leaders on an unwilling population is the only solution. Glad we’ve got that sorted.